Sam has 12

Football stories:

What's next?...

Well, publishing a novel would be good, but I would really like to work with a publisher on reading book material again.... and getting an agent would be a good move!


My latest venture is a Kindle e-book!

Jazz is a funny, magical character

whose mission is to help David adapt

to his sad and very different new life

following his Dad's accident.

My other Writing includes:

  • Short Stories for adults in the Magazine: MyWeekly
  • Reading books for the Jumpstart series:  Harper Collins
  • Stories for a reprint of Letterland :Harper Collins
  • Cat's Eyes: short story award : Cheshire Prize for Literature 2008
  • Long Dark Shadows: a children's novel about the effects of bullying by both children and adults. (available on request)

Stewie has six adventure books:
Stewie Scraps and the Star Rocket
Stewie Scraps and the Space Racer
Stewie Scraps and the Easy Rider
Stewie Scraps and the Super Sleigh
Stewie Scraps and the Giant Joggers
Stewie Scraps and the Trolley Cart

Sheila M. Blackburn: Writer

Football Crazy

Team Talk

Will Monday Ever Come?

Training Night

If Only Dad Could See Us

A Place on the Team

The First Match

Trouble for Foz

What About the Girls?

What's Worrying Eddie?

Nowhere to Train

Are We The Champions?